Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Jeremy Garber, and I am a freshman in Lehigh University’s College of Business and Economics. I grew up in Westchester, New York, and I plan on living in an urban city, like Washington DC or Los Angeles, after college. Though I am currently undecided in my business studies, I have a strong inclination to major in Finance and minor in Entrepreneurship. I find myself to have much passion when working on entrepreneurial studies and tasks relating to adventure or activity. As a prerequisite for all undergraduate students at Lehigh, we must complete two semesters of English. During this semester, my class is exploring English literature through the topic of war, and we are using WordPress’ blog capabilities as a multimodal form of communication. As I have never blogged before, I am excited, yet skeptical, to begin blogging on a topic that is slightly foreign to me. In 11th grade English class, we briefly discussed literature through various tragedies of war. During this time, we read a few poems and All Quiet on the Western Front, but we did not spend more than two weeks on any specific subject. Though I have never been enthused to learn history, I think that it is a very important subject in which all students should have a solid foundation. Although I might prefer to continue my business studies instead of learning historical dates, I hope that the use of blogs will allow me to fortify my knowledge on wars and history. I hope to blog about my opinions and what I find interesting regarding various war-related topics.


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